me: I can’t wait until that movie comes out

ben: what movie?

me: this one *shows ben gifs of This is Us*

me: do you know who that is?

me: do you need some music-

ben: no

me: -to figure out who that is?

ben: no


ben will be gone for three more hours what do i do with myself now


I cannot wait until September :’)


"If your boyfriend is away and your dreams of him involve a lot of touching, then it signifies how much you are missing his presence and having him nearby. The dream is telling you not to take the day to day things for granted. Learn to cherish the smaller things in life."

(via Dream Moods)

I don’t even want to sleep if you aren’t next to me.



Anonymous said: so what's you and ben's story?

Well we met through a friend, we all started hanging out, got real close, then he went at joined the Navy (what a turd), then he left and a few months later we started talking and it just went from there. Now we’re engaged…

But it’s long distance for now, so… #creyz

  • Ben: speaking of movies... how was the devil inside the fridge?
  • Ben: ah that's what i needed... i miss your laugh
  • Ben: nobody gets my wierdness but you
  • Me: oh my god that was hilarious
  • Me: I think I peed a little
  • Ben: i thought it was supposed to be scary
  • Me: it was stupid
  • Me: the ending pissed me off and like five girls kept screaming
  • Ben: well they should have put him in the fridge then
  • Me: that would have been so scary cause then he would have eaten all the food and nothing is scarier than an empty fridge D:

He’s gone… and I feel empty. I don’t know when is the next time I’ll see him, but it better be soon. Before we had seen each other, I thought seeing each other on skype was enough, but it’s not. I want him with me all the time. I want to be by his side, holding his hand, scratching his back, running my hands through his hair, supporting him in everything he does. I need him now and tomorrow and everyday after that.

I’m never letting you go, babe. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

lulz <3
Holy shit my best friend is engaged now.


Congratulations Sue Ellen and Ben. :’)

why is my boyfriend so weird omg

Ben shot and almost killed me in Left 4 Dead. He’s the perfect boyfriend <3


Jordyn wanted me to go to the Humane Society with her today, but we went yesterday and there were so many puppies I almost had a heart attack. I fell in love with a retriever. She was white, so calm, so scared of the other dogs. I called my mom and told her, but she said no… so now I don’t wanna go back because I’m scared to see that she’s already been adopted. She’s just so adorable that I’m certain she’s adopted.


Ben, we need to get a puppy… like… now.